Disability and health needs

Your choice of accommodation may be influenced by ill health or disability. As long as you tell us,  we will do everything we can to offer you a suitable room. The sort of things that you might tell us about include: 

  • a mental health problem, such as anxiety, that might mean you need a smaller residence or flat;
  • a skin condition such as eczema, which might mean you need an en-suite to apply steroid creams and avoid infection;
  • a condition that means you tire easily and so you need to be close enough to come home and rest during the day;
  • any mobility difficulties.

So that we can make you a suitable offer of accommodation it is important that you:

  • apply as soon as the accommodation applications open or soon after,
  • tell us about your ill health or disability on your accommodation application form,
  • complete the online accommodation requirements questionnaire, which we will send you within a week of your accommodation application.

Other things to consider

Our residences can be noisy, lively places. If you need an especially quiet room because of a disability or health condition please be sure to let us know when you fill in your accommodation application form.

Similarly if you need to move in early because you might have difficulties familiarising yourself with your new accommodation let us know when you apply. If you have friends or relatives with disabilities who might visit you regularly, please contact us so that we can allocate you a suitable room.

Please note that we may not always be able to offer you a room in one of your preferred residences, and may need to request further medical evidence in support of your application. 

Parking permits

Students who need their own transport due to a disability can apply for a residence parking permit

You will need to apply separately for a campus parking permit if required.

Disability services

The University's Disability Services is a confidential service providing information, advice and guidance to prospective and current disabled students.

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