Applying from mainland China

Gain the skills you need to succeed in your degree through tailored English language and academic units.

Are you from outside of mainland China?

You can find more information through Kaplan International Pathwaysour trusted education partner for applications and admissions to the International Foundation Programme.

What grades do I need?

Find out what academic and language qualifications you need.

What can I study?

Find out more about the tailored pathways which will prepare you for undergraduate study. This helps you progress to a degree of your choice.

How do I apply?

Find out how to apply.

How much does it cost?

Find how much the programme costs.

Why choose Bristol?

Discover more about the University, the teaching, the students and the city.

Where will I live?

You can choose programme-allocated accommodation or private accommodation.


Ask a question

  • Contact mainland China:

Phone: 00 8610 8515 1899

  • Contact from outside mainland China:

Please fill out a contact form.

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