Are you aged under 18?

Are you from outside of mainland China?

You can find more information through Kaplan International Pathways, our trusted education partner for applications and admissions to the International Foundation Programme.

The minimum age you can join the programme is 16. If you are under the age of 18, we will assess your application to make sure that you are ready for an adult learning environment.


You will have access to a range of support throughout your time at Bristol.

Consent form

If you are under 18 when the course starts, your parents or legal guardians must return a completed consent form, which will be provided with your offer to study letter.

A guardian in the UK 

You will need a guardian in the UK. The guardian should be someone who can be contacted in case of an emergency to help resolve problems. The guardian needs to be able to speak English and be able to take responsibility for you if for any reason you leave the University.  

If your parents do not know anyone who can act as a guardian, they can find a guardian through AEGIS. 

Your parents will remain responsible for your welfare while you are staying in the UK.  


If you are under 18 at the time of enrolment, you must live in programme-allocated accommodation, or with a family member or your legal guardian within a reasonable distance of the University, at least until your 18th birthday.

Ask a question

  • Contact mainland China:

Phone: 00 8610 8515 1899

  • Contact from outside mainland China:

Please fill out a contact form.

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