Apply to your International Foundation Programme

How you apply depends on your chosen pathway and where you live. Find out how to apply to your chosen International Foundation Programme.

How to apply for Dentistry 

Find out how to apply for the Dentistry pathway.

How to apply for all other pathways

Are you from outside of mainland China?

You can find more information through Kaplan International Pathways, our trusted education partner for applications and admissions to the International Foundation Programme.

The application process for mainland China

This application process is for applicants from mainland China. If you are applying from outside of mainland China, please apply through Kaplan International Pathways.

Please be aware that places on the International Foundation Programme are limited. If places on the programme are filled early, applications could close early.

Step 1

Check the entry requirements for your pathway. You'll need to meet these requirements.

Step two

Choose the pathway for you.
Find out more about your options

Step three

Complete and send us your application.

Step four

Get an email to say your application has been received. Within 10 working days, you will receive an email with a decision.

Step five

If you receive an offer you will need to sign and return the offer acceptance form. This form will be emailed to you with your offer.

Step six

Unless you are a sponsored student, you will need to pay a deposit. Details on how much and how to pay will be in your offer letter.

Step seven

Send us your supporting documents, if required, to show us that you have met your entry requirements. 

Step eight

Once you have paid your deposit and met your entry requirements, we will give you a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

Step nine

Tell us about any disabilities or learning conditions. This will not affect our decision to offer you a place. We will use this information to help support you in your studies and your life at Bristol. 

Step ten

Choose and book your accommodation.

Step eleven

Find out what you need to bring and what you need to do before you arrive. Have a look at our international student arrivals page.

Step twelve

Find out your first steps to settling in at the University.

Ask a question

  • Contact mainland China:

Phone: 00 8610 8515 1899

  • Contact from outside mainland China:

Please fill out a contact form from Kaplan's International Pathways.

  • For questions about Dentistry


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