Cancel your tenancy

By signing your tenancy agreement, you committed to paying rent for the full length of your contract. There are only certain circumstances when you can end your contract early.

Your accommodation contract

To read your tenancy agreement, sign in to the Accommodation Portal.

Moving out but continuing to study at the University (including online study)

You may want to move out of your residence before your contract ends but continue to study at the University. For example, you may want to move into a private-rented residence or return home and study online.

In this situation, you will be liable for the rent on your room until the end date of your tenancy, unless a replacement tenant can be found. A student who is already living in University accommodation is not a suitable replacement.

If a replacement is found, you will be charged up to £100 to cover the costs of cleaning and re-letting your room.

If after reading this you still want to move out, complete the Intention to Leave form. We will email you to confirm the last date for which you are liable for rent.

If you want to move out because you are unhappy where you are living, we recommend contacting our wellbeing support staff who are available to talk through your concerns.

Leaving university or suspending your studies

There is a lot to consider when you are thinking of leaving the University or suspending your studies, so make sure you have read the relevant guidance:

You cannot carry on living in your University residence once you have withdrawn from or suspended your studies, because you will no longer be classified as a student.

You must tell us that you are withdrawing or suspending by completing the Intention to Leave form or you will remain liable for the rent on your room. We will check with your department before releasing you from your tenancy.

The last date you will be liable for rent will depend on the reason you are withdrawing or suspending:

for health reasons:

  • You will be liable for rent until either the date you submitted the Intention to Leave form or the date you moved out; whichever is later.

for any other reason:

  • You must give us two weeks’ notice via the Intention to Leave form and you will be liable for rent for these two weeks.

Return to university

If you are suspending your studies, you are not guaranteed an offer of accommodation when you return to university.

This is because students who have suspended their studies are no longer classified as new students and so do not meet the terms of the guarantee. You are not eligible to apply for accommodation in the summer application process.

You may apply for University-allocated accommodation in February, using the returner application process.

Cancel your tenancy before moving in

Find out how to cancel your tenancy if you have changed your mind about living in University accommodation before moving in.

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