Having guests to stay

The rules and procedures around having guests coming to visit you in accommodation.

For safety and security in our University accommodation, we ask for all residents to register any guests who are visiting or staying overnight via the Accommodation Portal. This must be done at least 48 hours prior to their arrival. 

Please note that all overnight guests must be over the age of 16.

How to register your guest

  • Log in to the Accommodation Portal.
  • Click on the Guest Registration tab.
  • You will be asked to provide the following information about your guest(s): 
    • Name 
    • Date of birth 
    • Contact details 
    • Arrival date and time 
    • Departure date and time 

Covid-19 and having guests in your residence

You can have a guest to stay or visit as long as: 

  • No one in your flat is self-isolating due to a confirmed case of Covid-19, has Covid-19 symptoms or has been asked to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace.  
  • Your guest does not have a confirmed case of Covid-19 or Covid-19 symptoms. 
  • Your guest follows the Covid-19 measures we have put in place in University accommodation 

Please note that this policy will be reviewed regularly and is subject to change at any point in line with Government restrictions relating to Covid-19 

Rules and regulations for guests staying in accommodation

You are allowed to have guests visit or stay, as long as you follow the guidance: 

  • You are responsible for your guests whilst they are on site. This includes being responsible for (and paying for) any damage they may cause.
  • You must register your guests via the Accommodation Portal. This must be done 48 hours prior to their arrival.
  • Please make sure the people sharing your accommodation are happy for you to have a guest staying. 
  • Guests should generally stay no more than 3 nights except in exceptional circumstances. Please contact your Student Support Centre to discuss any such circumstances.
  • We cannot have visitors aged under 16 staying in any of our residences.

Further guidance and rules on visitors and guests in University accommodation can be found in the Local Rules and Residence Conditions policy.


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