Help notes for new students registering online


Online registration is an application for new students to register online with our University. After you have registered online you can use a range of University facilities. This includes access to the Student Info application (see the Student Info section below). 

The Student Info web access you use to register online is different from the one you will use thereafter.

To be fully registered all new students must carry out two steps:

1. Register online
2. Complete the Start your studies form

Some students also have additional requirements, for example students subject to immigration control must complete a Right to Study check when they arrive in the UK.

Undergraduate home students who are not fully registered will not have their attendance confirmed to the Student Loans Company, and will not receive their loans. 

This guide gives information about first step of the process, registering online.

You must make sure that the data shown on each of the online registration screens is correct. 

After online registration your University email address will be activated.  We will use this address to communicate with you on important matters. After registration, you must check your University email inbox on a regular basis.

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Contact for queries when registering online

If you have any queries or concerns, you should send an email to your Faculty Office. Use the 'Contact Your Faculty' link on the left-hand side of the screen. Please note: You must record a correct home / personal email address before you can email your Faculty Office. This is recorded on the Home Address screen. If you contact your faculty and we do not have an email address recorded, you will be prompted to add one.

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Student Info

Student Info is a web application which gives you access to a wide range of information about you. We hold this information on our University's central student records system. 

After you have registered online you can login to Student Info using your University (UoB) computer account.

You must use Student Info screens to check and maintain your personal details, e.g. term-time address and telephone numbers. Some screens will only be available to you at particular times of year and we will contact you when you need to use them.

When you amend information in Student Info this updates our central student records system and links to departmental databases. Our University retains a history of changes so that we can check earlier versions. All student data is collected, processed and disclosed in accordance with current UK Data Protection legislation. 

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University Card (UCard)

This page displays details of your University card (UCard). If you have registered online and uploaded a photo by the deadline we will be able to give you your UCard.

Please note: You will see an alternative message if you already hold an active UCard. After registration you will be able to get new card from Card Services.

We will use the full name you gave when you applied to our University (or to UCAS) for all official purposes. Official documents include academic transcripts and degree certificates. For less formal documents we will print only your first forename and family name. Formal documents include your University student card and class lists. If you add a 'preferred forename', during online registration, we will use this on your University student card and on informal documents. As soon as you update your preferred forename it will update in the UCard preview image.

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Personal Details

Most of the information on this page is self-explanatory and is part of the permanent record that our University holds about you. If you can't update data that is incorrect, please contact your Faculty Office as soon as possible. Use the 'Contact your Faculty' button in online registration.

Student Number: This is your unique identifier (ID). It also appears on your University student card.

UCAS Personal ID: This is an ID given to new undergraduate students applying to UK universities via UCAS.

Student Loans Company Support Number: This number enables the Student Loans Company to identify you. If you have applied for support and the field is BLANK this means we haven't received your details from the Student Loans Company yet.

Family name / Surname / Forenames / Title / Date of Birth: Please make sure these are correct and consistent on any applications you make. This includes to outside bodies such as the Student Loans Company. We may use this information to match records, and delays can happen when information is missing or inconsistent.

Please note: If your name contains accented characters, ask your Faculty Office to enter your correct name on your behalf. The correct spelling of your name is important because your name will be on your final degree certificate. Your certificate cannot normally be changed once you have graduated. The forename field should contain your name and not just an initial.

University Membership / Card Expiry Date: This is the date when building access and facilities controlled by your University student card expire.

Passport Number / Passport Expiry Date / Visa Expiry Date: These fields will be completed if you are an international student entering the UK with a Tier 4 student visa.

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Educational History

Previous College / School / University: These are the details currently recorded on our student records system. 

Highest Qualification on Entry: These are the details currently recorded on our student records system. If we do not hold this information, we will prompt you to complete it.

Level 3 Tariffable Qualifications: Tariffable Level 3 Qualifications include A Levels, Scottish Highers, BTEC’s and Baccalaureates, Access to HE Diplomas, and performance (e.g. Speech, Drama, Dance or Music) awards grade 6 and above. They are typically UK based, taken when you are aged 17 or 18. See below full list of international Tariffable qualifications:

For a full list of all Tariffable qualifications, please see the UCAS website.

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Programme of Study

Faculty: This is your Faculty for registration and student administrative purposes. 'Non-Faculty' shows for students who are not registered with a Faculty Office. It will also show if you are on an exchange programme.

Programme of Study: This is the programme you are registering for.

Academic Year: This is the academic year you are registering for. Academic years generally run from October to June for most students. If your studies continue into future academic years you will register as a returning student each year.

Mode of Attendance: Describes your attendance during term time at our university.

Award Year: The year in which you expect to gain your qualification, subject to normal progression.

Intended Award: The qualification you are registering for.

Expected End/Submission Date: This is the expected end date of your programme. This also when access to library facilities expires.

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Home Address

Please make sure that this is always updated with your correct home address.  It cannot remain blank.   We recommend that you also record a home / personal email address. This should be an address that is independent of the University (so, please do not give an address). We will use this address to help you if you forget your University password. When giving a UK phone number, please enter so it can be dialled from the UK; e.g. 01632 960123. When giving a non-UK phone number, please use the form +1 617 555 0177 where +1 is the country code.

(Please make sure that your personal / home email address is correct if you wish to contact your faculty for any reason during the registration process).

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Term (or Contact) Details

This may be the same as your home address. Please make sure you keep your mobile number is up to date. When giving a UK phone number, please enter it so it can be dialled from the UK; e.g. 01632 960123. When giving a non-UK phone number, please use the form +1 617 555 0177 where +1 is the country code. We may use your mobile phone number to help you if you forget your University password.

Please note: If you are allocated University accommodation you can't amend your term time address details. If you have applied for, and been allocated, a place in a Hall of Residence, this field will automatically update in September. If you have queries about your accommodation allocation, please contact the Accommodation Office.

Only students who have not applied for University accommodation will be able to update term time addresses. If you are living in private accommodation, please update your term time address when you know it. Make sure you update your term time contact details throughout your study.

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Text messaging

This page is to confirm whether you wish to receive administrative text messages from us.

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Emergency Contact (Next of Kin)

This page is to confirm your emergency contact information. This screen cannot remain blank.

You can nominate anyone you choose. It does not have to be a parent or guardian but must be a responsible adult. It should be someone you are happy for us to contact about you in an emergency.

Please note: The University can use your emergency contact in very serious situations. This is where it is in your vital interests to do so (e.g. life and death situations or similar). The University may also inform your emergency contact in situations where there is a serious concern about your welfare, but your consent is required for this.

Please keep this information up to date via the Student Info application.

For further information about when we might use this information please see the Student Emergency Contact Procedure online in University Policies & Strategies. 

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Tuition Fees

This page gives information about tuition fees for the current academic year. This page also outlines details of any support provided by the Student Loans Company.


Tuition Fee Status: For details of fees payable and guidelines for fee status assessment see The figure quoted is the total tuition fee payable per annum. This is likely to increase every year.

If you are paying your fees directly or an external sponsor is paying your fees (i.e. not the Student Loans Company), you must arrange to pay your own fees. See how to pay fees and other fee information. For further information, please contact the Student Fees Office.

Programme Deposits: Students who have paid a programme deposit will see details of their payment. This includes the amount, date paid and the payment reference. Please contact the Income Office if you have any queries (see above).

Student Loan Information: This page shows the information we have received from the Student Loans Company for the academic year indicated.

We receive new information from the Student Loans Company each day. If you applied for support but this does not show during online registration, it is likely to be because the Student Loans Company have not given us your funding details yet. If it is near the start of term, we haven't been given your funding details, and you applied for your support in good time, please contact Student Finance England (or your regional assessing authority i.e. Student Finance Wales, Student Finance Northern Ireland or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland). See more information and contact details at

Student loans and grants for living costs are paid directly into your bank or building society account (by BACS transfer). You will be paid:

1. after you have completed both steps of registration

2. when we have confirmed your registration with the Student Loans Company (or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland)

Following formal confirmation of your registration, it may take 3 - 5 working days before your loan/grant will appear in your bank account.

University of Bristol Bursary entitlement - Many students are eligible for a University of Bristol bursary, please see for more information. You (and your parents) will need to have given consent to the Student Loans Company to enable them to share household income information with the University. If you have not done so, we cannot process your University of Bristol bursary payments. See advice and guidance on how to give your consent to share on our bursary page, together with full information on the University of Bristol bursary.

If you are eligible for funding support from us, we will email you after registration to advise you of the level of support. See further information on student finance and funding.

Fee sponsor - You should answer ‘yes’ to this question if an external sponsor (i.e. not the Student Loans Company) is paying your tuition fees. You should answer ‘no’ to this question if you are sponsored by the Student Loan Company, are due to receive the SLC Postgraduate Loan, or are self-funded.


You are an international sponsored student if you are an overseas fee payer (including EU) who is funded by an organisation to attend the University of Bristol. You must send your Financial Guarantee Letter to For more information and to learn about your responsibilities as an international sponsored student visit:


If you are a UK student whose tuition is due to be paid by an organisation or company, please send your sponsor letter/form to

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Country of Domicile & Birth

Please update your country of domicile and birth if they are incorrect. Your country of domicile is the country in which you lived before starting your course.

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Diversity Monitoring

Please make sure that your nationality, sex and ethnicity are recorded. We are required to report these details in returns made to UK Government agencies.

Disability: If you need to amend your disability status please make sure you also contact your school/department because they may need to make specific arrangements to help you. You may also wish to contact the University's Disability Services for advice on the support available. 

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Students' Union

This page explains the data sharing agreement with the Students' Union. We share certain data items (e.g. email and postal addresses) with the Union to allow them to manage membership.

Other shared data items:

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Student Agreement

This is the agreement that you agree to abide by when you register with the University online. Please also check the Rules and Regulations for Students published by the Secretary's Office. These cover a wide range of student matters including grievance procedures, disciplinary regulations, fee issues, examinations, plagiarism, use of facilities, etc.


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Choosing a password

The University has a common username scheme which means all University systems should be the same. We recommend that you also have the same password for all systems. If you change your password on one then you should change it on all the others.

Your password will usually be set within 30 minutes of completing online registration. We will send you an email to confirm that the password has been set. If there are problems setting the password, we will email you to explain this. Please allow 24 hours before enquiring, if you don't receive an email.

The final page of online registration has a link to a printable page with your University username.

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We aim to support the wellbeing of all our students and staff, so you can make the most of your studies and wider student experience. Please complete these questions to help us improve the services we provide.

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Careers Information

The Careers Service analyses the impact of the Bristol experience on students' perceptions of their careers. Please complete these questions to help improve the services we provide.

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Registration Details

Online registration is not complete until you reach the final page, which provides a link to a printable page showing your Registration Details. This gives you summary information about your programme of study, and your username for accessing University computing facilities.

You can return to this page after registering online.

When you complete online registration this will update your student record with us, to show you are ‘Registered Online’.

If you are entitled to Student Loans Company living cost support, you should receive the loan/grant payment within the first 3-5 days of the start of your programme, after you have completed the Start your studies form.

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Start your studies form

We will send you an email asking you to complete a Start your studies form when you are due to start your course induction if you have registered online.

Completing the form confirms you are ready to actively engage with study. You do not need to do it before the start date of your course.

You must have registered online before you complete the form. 

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