About the Education Administration Office

The Education Administration Office is responsible for the overall management and support for the University's central records system (SITS) and centralised reporting on student data. The Education Administration Office is made up of four teams:

Education Process Improvement (EPI)

EPIR support staff by:

EPIR support alumni by:

Education Data and Insight Team (EDIT)

The EDIT facilitate student information management by collating, structuring, analysing and disseminating a range of education related data. EDIT are the first point of contact for external and internal queries relating to student management data information.

EDIT support staff by:

Please see Education Data and Insight for more information. 

Student Systems Operation Team (SSOT)

SSOT support staff by:

Student Systems Development Team (SSDT)

SSDT support staff by analysing, developing and implementing new functionality within the student record system (SITS).