Intercalate in Social Policy

Studying in a friendly, supportive community at the School for Policy Studies, you will join our undergraduates on their final year of BSc Social Policy. The course benefits by rigorously linking theoretical analysis with empirical enquiry examining how data and research shape our understanding of social policy issues. You will acquire the skills to enable you to critically evaluate the concepts, theories and ideologies that shape social policy, and to become an active and informed global citizens.

You will explore this subject with internationally recognised academics whose work has focused on improving migrant data to inform policy and public awareness; learning disabilities and their association with mortality; loneliness among older men; childhood poverty; the changing role of city Mayors and international labour markets. Our work ranges from community based work with strong local impacts to national and international comparative and consultancy work.

Intercalators will leave the course with a strong grounding in social policy theories and responses. You will also gain excellent communication skills developed through oral and written presentations, and the ability to critically evaluate policy and academic literature, skills that are highly rated in the medical sector and industry.

What will I study?

You will complete a smaller independent guided study project and five taught units, selected from a wide range of unit options, including:

• Understanding Public Policy or Theorising Social Welfare.
• Changing Families and the State
• Drugs and Society
• Gender Based Violence
• Social Policy in East Asia
• Housing, Economy and Society
• Cities and Communities in the Urban Age
• Migration: UK, European Union and Global Perspectives
• Youth Justice

I have SO enjoyed this year! The opportunity to study in a less prescribed manner, with flexibility to direct my reading into new areas of interest and build my discussion and essay-writing skills has been a great way of learning (quite different to medicine). Making a new bunch of student friends is a plus too!

Nina, School for Policy Studies, Intercalating student, 2015

For more information

To find out about applying, our accommodation guarantee, and contact details please visit this webpage.

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