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The School for Policy Studies publishes two academic journals. A number of prominent journals are also currently being edited by academics in the school.

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The School for Policy Studies is in solidarity with the #blacklivesmatter protests. We will support anti-racist action by the University of Bristol and initiate actions at School level. We recognise that dismantling racist structural inequalities is important and difficult. We support our current Black and ethnic minority staff and commit to doing more to: increase diversity among staff; ensure workloads are transparent and equal; examine and address the attainment gap for students by ethnicity; understand how issues raised by BLM are reflected in the experiences of our staff and students. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee will take this work forward and establish a plan of action for the coming year, but we recognise that an effective response to embedded social injustices necessitates leadership and engagement from across the School to ensure that an anti-racist perspective is embedded across all our activities.

Black Lives Matter - School Statement: Esther Dermott, Head of School
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