Impact and engagement

Our research carried out in the School for Policy Studies makes an enormous impact on policies and practice to improve people's lives. The impact is often on those who are most vulnerable in society across a range of countries. You can explore some recent examples of how our research has made a difference.

How academia informs migration policy and data development

The need to improve understanding of migration data is now acknowledged as being key to informing policy and encouraging balanced debate.

Read our impact case study.

In the press

KIDS’ activity levels plunge dramatically over their years at primary school, a study claims.
An hour-plus of exercise a week is lost between ages six to 11 with a greater fall at the weekends. (The Sun, 12 Nov 2019)

'All of the stuff that makes me safer is illegal'
Austerity pushing women into sex work and criminalisation endagering them. major report finds. (Independent, 31 October 2019)

Even a few minutes' exercise is good for you, new guidelines state
Activities such as sprinting up stairs are positive for health, says UK chief medical officer (The Guardian, 7 September 2019)

Extinction Rebellion uses tactics that toppled dictators – but we live in a liberal democracy 
XR is accused of being an anarchist group. To actual anarchists, that is laughable.  (The Conversation, 18 July 2019)

Policy briefings

Read our most recent policy briefings and reports, which clearly highlight the implications on policy of our research at the School for Policy Studies.‌

Impact case studies

Find out more about our research at the School for Policy Studies by reading our impact case studies.

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