Leadership opportunities through sport are everywhere - we know both students and employers recognise how important leaders are.

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Time Out - Club Leaders Support Programme

Our tailored support proagramme for students undertaking a leadership position (captain or committe member) within a sport club or society. Time Out is a programme to help you make the most of the leadership opportunity you have.

  • Time Out is a space to breathe and reflect on your leadership and decision making
  • To learn new ideas and tools that will help you lead as effectively as possible
  • To spend time with a like-minded group of student leaders to share insight, highs and lows
  • Identify shared challenges and work together on seeking solutions 

About the programme

The programme consists of roughly 4 sessions during term 1 and 4 sessions in term 2. Each meet covers a different discussion topic that is a reflection of your timeline as a club leader at that specific point in the academic year.

Candidates on the programme have an option to attend sessions at different times during the week to match demanding study schedules. 

To register your interest please fill in our online form or contact sport-active@bristol.ac.uk

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