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Game Changers

Game Changers is the University of Bristol's sports leadership and volunteering programme. It provides students with online and in-person training and qualifications to volunteer in sport and physical activity in a range of areas including coaching, officiating and community outreach.

Programme overview

The programme runs continously throughout the year to fit flexibly around student's studies. It is structured as follows:

  • Step one - Introduction and information about the programme.
  • Step two - Training workshops, including working with disadvantaged groups, events management, coaching qualifications and much more.
  • Step three - 10 hours of volunteering.
  • You are changing the game!

Game changers process (PDF, 349kB)


A list of training and volunteering opportunities offered with our partners will be available in due course.  Alternatively, students can complete a formal qualification (e.g. Level 1 Badminton Coaching) in a chosen area which will be partly reimbursed after completing the programme.

More information about Coaching Qualifications with Game Changers.

Free to register

It's free to register for the Game Changers programme and you get an exclusive free t-shirt. There may be some costs for the preparation modules in coaching and officiating qualifications, however, these modules are optional.

For more information please contact

Game Changers impacted my year in the best way possible and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the programme to anyone who wants more out of their time at university.

Molly O'Brien, Game Changer
(BSc Economics, 2020)
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