Tell us about your results

Application confirmation

The University has a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that all its students have valid academic qualifications. If you are taking UK qualifications listed here, these will be verified by UCAS. 

If you are taking any other qualifications, we will ask you to upload your certificates as part of your registration process. 

Important: You will need to upload the valid original documents at registration, otherwise you may not be permitted to register as a student of the University.

If your qualifications are included in the following list, including for new centre or teacher assessed grades, UCAS will notify us of your results and you do not need to do anything. 

  • GCE A-level
  • AS-level
  • Scottish Higher
  • Scottish Advanced Higher
  • Welsh Baccalaureate Advanced Skills Challenge
  • Irish Higher 
  • BTEC examinations
  • Access to HE Diploma
  • Cambridge Pre-U
  • International Baccalaureate (provided permission for results to be shared with the University has been agreed through your school or your IBIS account). 

If your qualifications are not included in the following list and you are taking any other exams (eg IELTS, foundation programmes or any international qualifications), you must tell us your results.

How to notify us of your results

Upload copies of your results to us using your applicant dashboard. You will have a link to your dashboard in your initial acknowledgement email from us.

We must receive all your results by 7 September to be able to confirm your place with us.

If you are unable to send your results by 7 September, contact us before this date to let us know why.

Do not send original documents.

Any certificates not in English must also have a certified translation into English and well as the original uploaded to your dashboard. This must be signed or stamped by an official translation service or education provider.

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