One in a Million: Primary care consultations archive

Around one million GP consultations happen in England every working day, addressing multiple problems. Despite this, studies of what goes on during these encounters are uncommon.

Funded by the NIHR School for Primary Care Research and the South-West GP Trust, the Bristol Archive Project aimed to create an archive of high quality video recordings of primary care consultations, plus linked survey and electronic patient records data with permissions in place for reuse by other bonafide researchers and for future research and training purposes. This dataset is now known as the 'One in a Million primary care consultations archive'.

Find out more about the projectthe datasetour users and accessing the data. Read our paper describing the dataset here.

To contact the team, please email

One in a Million Management Committee 

Dr Rebecca K. Barnes (Associate Professor and NIHR Fellow, University of Oxford)
Professor Chris Salisbury (Professor of Primary Health Care)
Professor Matthew Ridd (Professor of Primary Health Care)
Dr Peter Edwards (NIHR Clinical Research Fellow)

Dr Barbara Caddick (Archive Support)

Funded by NIHR SPCR

Opportunities for researchers to work with high-quality primary care consultation datasets are few and far between. The data held in the archive will support a wide range of future research projects. Ultimately, it is our hope that greater understanding of the content and conduct recorded in these consultations, will help improve both process and outcomes in primary care

Dr Rebecca Barnes, Project Lead
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