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Since launching the archive, we have shared our data with a wide range of researchers at different stages of their career including PhD students, GP trainees, clinicians coming into academia for short research projects, and established academics. The data has been used to address many different research questions, some of which are shown above, and can be seen in our 'Publications' section.

Our users and their research

Dr Kathrina Connabeer, Loughborough University - Lifestyle Advice in Primary Care Consultations, PhD Studentship

Dr Peter Edwards, University of Bristol - Safety-netting in UK primary care consultations, Academic Foundation Programme / Elizabeth Blackwell Institute Clinical Primer. Also, Eliciting patients’ ideas, concerns, expectations, and effects on life: an observational study of routine general practice (GP-ICEE)

Dr Felicity Thomas, University of Exeter - Understanding and Dealing with Stress (DE-STRESS), ESRC

Professor Geraldine LeydonDr Catherine Woods, University of Southampton - Antibiotic Negotiations Conversation Analytic Project (ANCAP), NIHR SPCR

Dr Lucy Brindle, University of Southampton - Early Diagnosis Advisory Group: POSCAN (GP-patient communication about POSsible CANcer), CRUK

Associate Professor Maria StubbeUniversity of Otago, New Zealand - ‘When you’re 85, then I’ll call you old’: Age and identity in health care interactions

Associate Professor Lee Thompson, University of Otago, New Zealand - General Practitioners, patients and conversations about chronic pain

Dr Rachna BeghDr Hannah Wheat, University of Oxford - Raising the topic of smoking cessation in general practice: a conversation analysis of GP consultations on smoking, CRUK

Dr Emma Le Roux, University of Bristol - GP Skin: An exploration of routine consultations for dermatology problems in adults in general practice, NIHR In-Practice Fellowship

Professor Sarah Nettleton, University of York and Professor Olaug Lian, University of Tromsø, Norway - Co-construction of illness narratives in medical encounters, General Practitioners, patients and conversations about chronic pain

Rebecca Goulding, University of Manchester - Improving communication between patients and healthcare staff: Development and feasibility study of a behaviour change intervention, NIHR Doctoral Fellowship

Dr Jessica Martin, University of Bristol - Test talk: a mixed methods study exploring the discussion of blood tests between doctors and patients in primary care, Academic Foundation Programme

Dr Genevieve Lively, University of Bristol - Poetics in Practice: Narratives of primary care consultations, Brigstow Institute

Dr Daisy Parker, University of Exeter - Investigating Communication about Emotional Problems in Primary Care, PhD Studentship

Victoria Hardy, Cambridge University - Cancer Research UK-funded CanTest four year PhD Studentship

Dr Jamie Ross, University College London - Analysing primary care consultations where diabetes or other long-term conditions where self-management are discussed, NIHR SPCR

Dr Yuri Hamashima, University of Bristol - Face-to-face priority setting: a secondary qualitative analysis using 'One in a Million', PhD Studentship

Dr Adam Grice, University of Leeds - An investigation into physical activity advice given to patients in primary care consultations

Dr Yvette Pyne, University of Bristol - Natural language processing of the 'One in a Million' dataset

Dr Matthew Gibson, Universities of Birmingham and Exeter - Wellcome Trust funded Shame and Medicine project

Professor Johanna Ruusuvuori & Dr Aija Logren, University of Tampere, Finland - Acadamy of Finland funded project 'Touch and affect in healthcare'.

Professor Chris Burton and Hõbe Treufeldt, University of Sheffield - European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme funded PhD on Stigma and stigmatisation in General Practice consultations for functional disorders / persistent physical symptoms (PPS)

Professor Tammy Hoffman and Eman Abukmail, Bond University, Australia - PhD on Identifying optimal approaches to communicating natural history and prognosis information to facilitate informed decision making





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