Accessing the data

Speech balloons showing some of the different ways the dataset could be used

Accessing the dataset

The One in a Million primary care consultations archive is available for use by bonafide researchers for non-commercial research purposes. The dataset can be used for many different purposes as shown in the graphic above.

Data Management Fees

Preparing bespoke datasets for users requires a lot of work and time and we currently have no source of funding for this other than the fees that we charge projects that are successfully approved. Data management fees should therefore be built into any funding bid.


To avoid duplication of research, check the ‘Our users’ section on this website

  • Read our data paper and contact us with initial enquiries to check your planned research can be supported by the data available
  • Develop a protocol and secure funding for your planned research - please ask us about costing for our data management fee
  • Seek NHS ethical approval for your planned research. Our team will be able to support you in this process. 


The archive is a controlled dataset managed by the data.bris Research Data Respository. 

  • Locate the ‘One in a Million’ data record (find DOI, title etc) here
  • Fill out the online data request form and attach your protocol and ethics approval letter.  

The Research Data Service will review your application, and will check that the information you have provided is complete and in adherence with the following criteria: 

  •  You have provided a verifiable institutional affiliation
  •  You have provided verifiable institutional contact details
  •  You have nominated an appropriate institutional signatory 
  •  You have NHS-level ethical approval in place.

If your research is funded, commissioned or sponsored, you should provide documentary evidence of this. 

If your application meets the criteria given above, your request will be reviewed by the University of Bristol Data Access Committee (DAC). This committee includes senior researchers and representatives from the University Secretary's Office, Research Enterprise and Development, IT Services and the Library. 


  • If your request is approved, a Controlled Data Access Agreement is sent to your nominated institutional signatory - suitable signatory may be from your contracts department, legal department or research office, depending on the nature of your institution 
  • If access not granted an appeals process exists
  • Once the Data Access Agreement is signed and returned, we have invoiced for and received our data management fee, the One in a Million team will prepare a bespoke copy of the required data for you and arrange secure access. 

We will do this to fit your requirements. Depending on the amount of data you request, this stage can take some time so be sure to build it into your project planning.

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