Academic papers and briefing notes

Below is a summary of the research output from each workstream together with accompanying briefing notes and documents.  

Men in GP practice setting

Briefing notes 1 and 2 will be of interest to DVA researchers providing useful information for undertaking DVA research with men in a GP setting and the measure that was developed to identify potentially abusive behaviours.



WS1 Briefing note 1 - Asking men about DVA in a GP Setting (PDF, 205kB) – Asking men about domestic violence and abuse (DVA) in a GP Setting


WS1 Briefing note 2 - The PROVIDE Survey – Developing the PROVIDE measure (PDF, 151kB) – The PROVIDE Survey – Developing the PROVIDE measure of potentially abusive behaviours.


 HEalth professionals Responding to MEn for Safety (HERMES): feasibility of a general practice training intervention to improve the response to male patients who have experienced or perpetrated domestic violence and abuse. Primary Healthcare Research & Development.

WS1 Key Messages 1 - Hermes (PDF, 140kB)


Occurrence and impact of negative behaviour, including domestic violence and abuse, in men attending UK primary care health clinics: a cross-sectional survey - Paper in BMJ Open by Hester et al





Hermes model for identification and referral for male patients with DVA (PDF, 867kB)

PROVIDE Intervention Measure Survey (PDF, 795kB)

Pre Training PIM Survey for Health Professionals (PDF, 641kB)

Post Training PIM Survey for Health Professionals (PDF, 555kB)





Workstream 2 Mental health

Systematic reviews

Systematic review and meta-analysis of psychiatric disorder and the perpetration of partner violence.  


Domestic violence and perinatal mental health: systematic review and meta-analysis. 


Prevalence and risk of experiences of intimate partner violence among people with eating disorders: a systematic review.


Prevalence of domestic violence victimisation amongst psychiatric patients: a systematic review


Experiences of domestic violence and mental disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 


Linking abuse and recovery through advocacy: an observational study.


Disclosure of domestic violence in mental health settings: A qualitative meta-synthesis.


PATH (Psychological Advocacy Toward Healing) Trial

‘Psychological advocacy toward healing (PATH): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial’


Linking abuse and recovery through advocacy: an observational study.


Domestic violence and mental health: a cross-sectional survey of women seeking help from domestic violence support services a paper in Global Health Action by Ferrari et al


Workstream 3 - Men in sexual health setting

Associations between Intimate Partner Violence and Health among Men Who Have Sex with Men: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.



Workstream 4 - Synthesis

No published work for this workstream curently.

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