Workstream 4 Synthesis

Study 9: Cost-effectiveness models with data from studies 2 and 8 followed by value of information analysis 
Study 10: Meta-synthesis of qualitative data from studies 2, 4, 7 and 8

Study 9 was not progressed due to insufficient data.

Meta-synthesis of qualitative data

This workstream involves the meta-synthesis of qualitative data across wider PROVIDE and pre-PROVIDE studies by drawing on interviews from participants in IRIS, LARA, PATH, Workstream 1 and Workstream 3.   The primary aim of a meta-synthesis is to compare and analyse texts through the translation of studies into one another and thus to create new interpretations. Whereas this process is usually conducted through published papers, in this study we are adopting an innovative approach by returning to the primary data to look at help-seeking across the research studies.  Having examined the data for interpretive metaphors, and whilst maintaining these and the central concepts arising from each area of study, they will be translated into one another, allowing a second level of synthesis and interpretation.  The expression of this second level of interpretation through key themes and concepts will then inform the dissemination materials.


There are currently no published papers in relation to this workstream.  Once published these will be available from our Evidence into Practice section.

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