Workstream 2 – people with mental health disorders

Within the mental health workstream, we have built on the systematic review work, qualitative research on domestic violence and people with mental health disorders and the LARA project led by Louise Howard. This work, carried out in collaboration with Gene Feder and Roxane Agnew-Davies, has highlighted the limited evidence base on the prevalence and experience of domestic violence for people with severe mental disorders and how health services should respond to domestic violence experienced by service users.

There are three studies in this workstream:

Study 3: Randomised controlled trial of a psychological intervention delivered by specialist DV advocates (Psychological Advocacy Towards Healing: PATH) 
Study 4: Nested qualitative study in PATH to explore perceptions of advocates and clients 
Study 5: Systematic reviews of surveys of prevalence of domestic violence among people with mental health disorders and qualitative studies of experience among users of mental health services 

Our Evidence into Practice section lists publications and resources related to this workstream.

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