Workstream 3 - men who have sex with men: sexual health clinic context


The first phase of the study examines the prevalence and impact of domestic violence using epidemiological methods and qualitative research. The results from this inform the second phase of the study. This involves the development of a pilot educational intervention in a specialist sexual health clinic for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) patients to explore the role of sexual health practitioners in responding to MSM who are affected by domestic violence.

Study 6:

A cross sectional survey of the prevalence of experiences and perpetration of doemstic violence amongst MSM attending sexual health clinics and associations with sexually transmitted infections and mental health outcomes.

Study 7:

A qualitative study to explore experiences of victimisation and perpetration of DV amongst MSM attending sexual health clinics and the impact on sexual health and decision making around sexual health.


Study 8:

A pilot of an educational and support intervention targeted at sexual health practitioners to promote enquiry about experience or perpetration of DV and improved management after disclosure.


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