Center for Device Thermography and Reliability

The Center for Device Thermography and Reliability (CDTR), led by Professor Martin Kuball is a world-leading research center focusing on improving the thermal management, electrical performance and reliability of novel devices, circuits and packaging.


Developing next-generation power and RF electronics

Gallium Oxide Growth

Our mission

In today's fast-moving technological world, semiconductor devices need more ‘muscle power’, but devices must not overheat. It is projected that the next generation of wireless architecture (5G) will increase data communciation speeds to multiple times that of existing 4G. Semiconductors enable this wireless architecture. Today's devices run too hot, wasting energy and giving them a short operating life time. 

If we use today’s technology, by 2035 the planet’s datacentres will cover 6 x the land area of the M25 and use over 40% of global energy production. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will become the biggest single contributor to climate change. Better semiconductors can help mitigate this. The world needs new devices which are more energy efficient, that can also run at high powers. This is what we aim to achieve in the CDTR.

Our research

To achieve this goal, since 2001 we have been developing and applying new techniques for temperature, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and traps analysis, especially for microwave and power electronic semiconductor devices, made of wide bandgap materials, such as GaN, SiC, Gallium Oxide and diamond. Our team of about 20 international researchers and PhD students works with industry and academia from across the globe to develop the next generation of technology for communications, microwave and power electronics to enable the low carbon economy.

Commercial work

We provide services to the commercial sector and to Government institutions, if you are interested in collaborating with us or require our assistance please contact us for quotation and for further details. Examples of our commerical work include:
  • Mapping of temperature fields in GaAs MMIC HPA modules
  • Electrical device characterization
  • Reliability and failure analysis of AF & power electronic devices
  • Device electrical and thermal modelling
  • Measurements of junction temperature in AlGaN/GaN HFETs during operation for accelerated life time tests
  • Thermal resistance in heteroepitaxial device structures. Examples include: GaN on SiC, Si and diamond


Head of Centre

Professor Martin Kuball

In Partnership with

Thermap Solutions

Contact us

For enquiries contact Professor Martin Kuball or Senior Research Administrator Susana Gutarra Diaz


Center for Device Thermography and Reliability, 
HH Wills Physics Laboratory, 
University of Bristol, 
Tyndall Avenue, 
Bristol, BS8 1TL
United Kingdom

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