Materials & Devices

The Materials and Devices Theme brings together academics from across the School of Physics with expertise in materials physics and its translation into real-world applications. Our academics work to understand and control structures on a length scale from the Angstrom to the micron to affects the physical behaviour of materials and create new materials with applications in energy, healthcare and communications, as well as developing new techniques to probe the structure of materials.

Theme Lead

Dr Annela Seddon

Bristol NanoESCA Facility

The Bristol NanoESCA Facility, which is the newest and one of the most advanced surface analysis instruments in UK.

Interface Analysis Centre

World-leading research in nuclear materials, and access to specialist cutting-edge analysis techniques through the Interface Analysis Centre.

Centre for Device Thermography and Reliability 

Next generation technologies for high power RF and microwave communications, and improved performance and reliability of semiconductor devices through the Centre for Device Thermography and Reliability.

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