Bristol NanoESCA Facility

The Bristol NanoESCA Facility is the newest and one of the most advanced surface analysis instruments in UK.

The lab’s aim is to help research groups and industries investigate advanced materials, through the use of the NanESCA II a cutting edge multi-platform instrument with a range of specialised light sources. The NanoESCA II offers extraordinary surface sensitivity and energy resolution, further enhanced by being housed in some of the quietest labs in the UK.

The three main characterisation techniques of the facility are: NanoESCA II Photoemission Electron Microscope (PEEM), high-resolution X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and Spot Profile Analysis Low Energy Electron Diffraction (SPA-LEED).

  • The PEEM has an ultimate lateral resolution of 13 nm, image field of view can vary from 1100 µm to 3 µm. It is possible to analyse the band structure of the materials by means of Micron-scale Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (µ-ARPES) in regions as small as 3 µm with an energy resolution of 21 meV at 29 K. 
  • The XPS ARGUS analyzer can operate in snapshot mode for real time analysis and mapping mode with resolution of 60 µm. The overall energy resolution of the XPS is less than 300 meV.
  • The SPA-LEED is used to determine strains and defects of single crystal materials by means of a quantitative 1D and 2D k-space analysis.

The NanoESCA's extraordinary surface sensitivity usually demands that samples are prepared in-situ by annealing or sputtering with inert gases. However, it is also possible to transfer samples under ultra-high vacuum (UHV) conditions from and to other facilities using an UHV suitcase.

At the Bristol NanoESCA Facility, it is possible to prepare, validate, and transfer in UHV samples for beamtimes at I05 ( and I06 ( beamlines of the Diamond Light Source.

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Recent Publications

  • Correlation between crystal purity and the charge density wave in 1T-VSe2

Charles J. Sayers, Liam S. Farrar, Simon J. Bending, Mattia Cattelan, Alfred J. H. Jones, Neil A. Fox, Gabriele Kociok-Köhn, Konstantin Koshmak, Jude Laverock, Luca Pasquali, Enrico Da Como

Phys. Rev. Materials, 2020, 4, 025002

  • Catalytic processing in ruthenium-based polyoxometalate coacervate protocells

Pierangelo Gobbo , Liangfei Tian, B.V.V.S Pavan Kumar, Samuel Turvey, Mattia Cattelan, Avinash J. Patil*, Mauro Carraro, Marcella Bonchio*, Stephen Mann*

Nat. Commun., 2020, 11, 41

  • Anodization study of epitaxial graphene: insights on the oxygen evolution reaction of graphitic materials

Mattia Cattelan*, Mikhail Yu. Vagin, Neil Fox, Ivan Gueorguiev Ivanov, Ivan Shtepliuk, Rositsa Yakimova

Nanotechnology, 2019, 30 (28), 285701

  • Electrochemical Modification and Characterization of Topological Insulator Single Crystals

Chaolong Yang, Mattia Cattelan, Neil Fox, Yingkai Huang, Mark S. Golden, Walther Schwarzacher*

Langmuir, 2019, 35 (8), pp 2983–2988

  • Electronic Structure Tunability of Diamonds by Surface Functionalization

Gary Wan, Mattia Cattelan*, Neil A. Fox

J. Phys. Chem. C, 2019, 123 (7), pp 4168–4177

  • Surface Investigation on Electrochemically Deposited Lead on Gold

Alicja Szczepanska, Gary Wan, Mattia Cattelan*, Neil A. Fox, Natasa Vasiljevic

Surfaces 2019, 2 (1), pp 56-68;

  • Microscopic insight into the single step growth of in-plane heterostructures between graphene and hexagonal boron nitride

Thanh Hai Nguyen, Daniele Perilli, Mattia Cattelan, Hongsheng Liu, Francesco Sedona, Neil A. Fox, Cristiana Di Valentin, Stefano Agnoli*

Nano Research, 2019, 12 (3), pp 675–682

  • Impact of Sb and Na Doping on the Surface Electronic Landscape of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films

Devendra Tiwari, Mattia Cattelan, Robert L. Harniman, Andrei Sarua, Neil Fox, Tristan Koehler, Reiner Klenk, David J. Fermin*

ACS Energy Lett., 2018, 3 (12), pp 2977–2982

  • Mapping Shunting Paths at the Surface of Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4 Films via Energy-Filtered Photoemission Microscopy

Devendra Tiwari, Mattia Cattelan, Robert L. Harniman, Andrei Sarua, Ali Abbas, Jake W. Bowers, Neil A. Fox, David J. Fermin*

iScience 2018, 9, pp 36-46

  • Epitaxial UN and α-U2N3 thin films

Eleanor Lawrence Bright*, Sophie Rennie, Mattia Cattelan, Neil A. Fox, David T. Goddard, Ross Springell

Thin Solid Films, 2018, 661, pp 71-77

  • Surface structure of few layer graphene

Liangzhi Zhou, Laura Fox, Magdalena Włodek, Luisa Islas, Anna Slastanova, Eric Robles, Oier Bikondoa, Robert Harniman, Neil Fox, Mattia Cattelan, Wuge H. Briscoe*

Carbon, 2018, 136, pp 255-261

  • A Perspective on the Application of Spatially Resolved ARPES for 2D Materials

Mattia Cattelan*, Neil A. Fox

Nanomaterials 2018, 8(5), pp 284

  • Tellurium-doped lanthanum manganite as catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction

Veronica Celorrio, Louis J. Morris, Mattia Cattelan, Neil A. Fox, David J. Fermin*

MRS Communications, 2017, 7(2), pp. 193-198

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