Working with industry

We collaborate with companies across a wide range of sectors, undertaking contract research, making our labs and state-of-the-art equipment available for use, opening up new funding routes and providing access to our academic networks. All work can be undertaken under an NDA and flexible IP solutions are available, so whether you have a large project or require a small proof of principle test, we are keen to work with you.

Open up new avenues of commercialisation

Work with experienced researchers

Get in touch

Want to discuss a collaboration or project email us or call us at +44(0)117 928 8731

Working with us

When working with us we guarantee that you will have a single point of contact who will provide expert guidance.

Partnership frameworks

If you’re interested in collaborating on multiple research activities we can work out a partnership framework agreement that works for you.


It's difficult to estimate the cost of a project without discussing the details but we'll always try to provide an optimal solution for your budget. To give an indication of cost, small-scale collaborative projects start at around £5,000.
Project work
We collaborate with companies across a wide range of sectors, from aerospace to healthcare, from start-ups to multinationals, over many different TRL levels. By working with us, companies have gained a competitive edge, devised and improved performance of their novel products and opened up new avenues of commercialisation. We’ve helped to deliver a number of industry firsts and collaborations with us open up new routes to funding which derisk your development. We are aware that projects with you are commercially sensitive. We are used to working under non-disclosure agreements and when setting up our partnership agreements, we have a flexible attitude towards IP ownership.
Use our facilities
Our expertly-run, high-tech facilities are where theory turns into practical application. They are available for use by industry and can be used by your staff or our expert staff can perform measurements for you.
Clicking the following link to take you to our Facilities page.
Access our networks
With our extensive academic networks, strong connections within the research community and relationships with institutions across the world, we’re perfectly placed to connect you. In addition, several research hubs, including the Nuclear Research Centre, Quantum Engineering Technology Labs, Centre for Quantum Photonics and Functional Nanomaterials, Condensed Matter and Quantum Engineering Doctoral Training Centres are based here.
Sponsor a PhD
Our research is grounded in the work of our internationally renowened academics and large cohort of postgraduate students. By sponsoring a PhD, you’ll be able to shape the direction of research. Sponsoring a PhD can cost between £50,000 and £100,000.
Provide a CDT placement
Many of our postgraduate students are part of a Centre for Doctoral Training, as part of their research training they typically complete a three- to six-month industry placement and we are always looking for companies to provide placements. We currently host Centres for Doctoral Training in Condensed Matter Physics, Quantum Engineering and Artifical Intelligence.
Host our year in industry students
Our undergraduate students are amongst the best in the UK. Hosting them for their year in industry is a great opportunity for you to recruit future talent. Our dedicated team will manage the process for you, from applications and interviewing candidates to setting up the placement. Hosting a year in industry student costs around £20,000.


Proven applications

  • Innovative laboratory system combining electronic imaging technology with optical chemical analysis Microscopy (PDF, 467kB)
  • Gallium-nitride diamond transistors used for ultra-high power microwave applications 
  • Remote mapping technology deployed in Fukushima 
  • New, fast, 3D nanoscale imaging technologies for surface characterisation
  • Safe storage of nuclear waste and low cost methods of water purification
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