Our Research Vision

Our vision is to further internationalise our research, building on our current status as a top five producing research law school in the UK (REF) and a top 50 law school in the world (Times Higher Education).   We aim to do this by continually advancing legal thinking on the most important and challenging questions of today's global society. This involves:

  • recruiting and retaining the most talented legal scholars;
  • generating truly excellent research publications influential in their relevant fields;
  • strengthening our research infrastructure, including our capacity to secure research funding and deliver impact;
  • developing effective strategies for research collaboration, dissemination and income generation through ongoing, high-quality communication within and beyond the university, links with other academic institutions, and impact beyond the academy, particularly in terms of engagement with policy makers and other users of our research.

Research Centres

Our research centres are home to world-leading experts delivering pioneering research in related legal fields.

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