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Welcome to the Bristol Law Research Paper Series. The series publishes a broad range of legal scholarship in all subject areas from members of the University of Bristol Law School. All papers are published electronically, available for free, for download as pdf files.

Research papers


An Analysis of the UK–Australia FTA’s Investment Chapter (PDF, 630kB) Author: Joshua Paine

A Kantian moral cosmopolitan approach to teaching professional legal ethics (PDF, 693kB) Author: Omar Madhloom

COVID-19 at Work: How risk is assessed & its consequences in England & Sweden (PDF, 837kB) A‌uthors: Peter Andersson and Tonia Novitz


Capturing the value of community fuel poverty alleviation (PDF, 1,891kB) Authors: Colin Nolden, Daniela Rossade and Peter Thomas

Bridging the Spaces in-between? The IWGB and Strategic Litigation (PDF, 522kB) Author: Manoj Dias-Abey


Companies, Shareholders and Sustainability (PDF, 826kB) Authors: Nina Boeger, Roseanne Russell and Charlotte Villiers

An analysis of the prohibition on causing displacement (PDF, 1,181kB)‌ within the 1951 Refugee Convention Author: Kathryn Lucy Allinson

Submission to Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (PDF, 624kB)‌ Review of Australia's Bilateral Investment Treaties Author: Joshua Paine

Can Corporations have a Social Purpose? (PDF, 902kB) Author: Irinna Vavaletskou Palaiologou

CCTV, Data Analytics and Privacy: The Baby and the Bathwater (PDF, 591kB) Author: Andrew Charlesworth

Not on the Buses (PDF, 2,240kB) Authors: Antonia Layard, Room 13 Hareclive, Ingrid Skeels, Finlay McNab and Phil Jones

Promoting international human rights values (PDF, 622kB)‌ through reflective practice in clinical legal education: a perspective from England and Wales Authors: Irene Antonopoulos and Omar Madhloom


Classic Debates in Public Service Outsourcing (PDF, 408kB) Authors: Nina Boeger and Albert Sanchez-Graells

Managing medical manslaughter cases: improving efficiency and transparency? (PDF, 961kB) Authors: Danielle Griffiths and Oliver Quick

'Screening for Cartels' in Public Procurement (PDF, 744kB) Author: Albert Sanchez-Graells

Escaping Labour Law’s Matrix: a review essay (PDF, 1,134kB) Author: Alan Bogg

Climate clubs and positive carbon pricing for a Low-Carbon Bretton Woods (PDF, 984kB) Authors: Michele Stua, Colin Nolden and Michael Coulon

From marginalization to integration (PDF, 983kB)‌: universal, free and sustainable meals in Italian school canteens as expressions of the right to education and the right to food Author: Tomaso Ferrando

Terrorism and Transnational Law: Rules of Law Under Conditions of Globalisation (PDF, 580kB) Author: Cian Murphy

The 'future' of work? (PDF, 674kB) A call for the recognition of continuities in challenges for conceptualising work and its regulation Authors: Lydia Medland, Bridget Anderson, Katie Bales, Alan Bogg, Tonia Novitz, Julia O'Connell Davidson, Frederick Harry Pitts and Peter Turnbull


Community Researchers and Community Researcher Training (PDF, 575kB) Reflections from the UK's Productive Margin's: Regulating for Engagement Programme Authors: Helen Thomas-Hughes and Jenny Barke

EU Law before and after the referendum - challenges and opportunities (PDF, 558kB) Author: Phil Syrpis

The Jurisprudence of Financial Regulation (PDF, 497kB) Author: Keith Stanton

Use and Abuse of power in changes of corporate control (PDF, 588kB) Author: Georgina Tsagas

A Case Study of Networked Integration (PDF, 867kB) Authors: Nina Boeger and Jospeh Corkin

Companies, Sustainability and Gender (PDF, 573kB) Author: Roseanne Russell

Corporate transparency requirements: An inadequate form of regulation in the context of global supply chains (PDF, 943kB) Author: Charlotte Villiers

Public Procurement and 'Core' Human Rights: A Sketch of the EU Legal Framework (PDF, 522kB) Author: Albert Sanchez-Graells

Freedom of Association: its emergence and the case for prevention of its decline (PDF, 535kB) Author: Tonia Novitz (please contact author to request a copy of this paper).

Mission-led business: CSR re-boot or paradigm shift? (PDF, 1,106kB) Authors: David Hunter and Nina Boeger


For any queries about the series, contact the editor:

Guidance for contributors

Please submit all research papers in Word format by email to Feedback will be provided within six weeks of submission.

All submitted papers must be fully and consistently referenced. They should include a short abstract summarising the key research findings. Research papers should not exceed 12,000 words (including references, bibliography, headings and abstract).

All research papers are published online, for download as pdf files. Upon publication, authors retain copyright of their work.

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