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A research-led curriculum means access to a diverse range of LLB units, a rich portfolio of LLMs and innovative research degrees. Discover how you can do more with law at Bristol.

Bristol Museum and Wills Memorial Building Research

We are ranked #3 in the UK for excellence in legal research. Find out about the impact of our globally renowned research - and influential role of our research centres as incubators for innovation.

three smiling students outside a university building in Bristol, from lef to right, female, male, female. Employability

The University of Bristol is the 3rd most targeted university by the top 100 UK employers (High Fliers 2022). We offer hands on experiences of law, internships, mentoring, networking and more. 

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Discover the work of our world-leading academics. Visit our Legal Research blog. Find out where your law degree can take you from students and alumni. Visit our Law Student Employability blog .

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