The department has a dynamic research culture, from our outstanding undergraduate dissertations to major international research collaborations.

Research areas

  • We are proud of our strength in depth in medieval and early modern history. Our medieval historians play a leading role in Bristol’s Centre for Medieval Studies and the Department’s early modernists have been central in setting up the Faculty’s Early Modern Research Cluster.
  • Bristol is an internationally-recognised centre for the study of environmental history. Our research is breaking new ground in the history of the relationship between humans, animals and the natural environment. Environmental historians lead the Faculty’s Centre for Environmental Humanities and work closely with the Cabot Institute.
  • A thriving research group focuses on imperial, postcolonial and global networks. Here, we host the Hong Kong History Centre as well as working closely with the University’s Institute for Migration and Mobility Studies.
  • Bristol’s historians have a unique focus on political culture that breaks down the barriers between cultural politics, political history and political science. We have an exciting research cluster that focuses on Modern British History and our partnership with History and Policy seeks to inject the lessons of history into policy making.
  • We have key strengths in the medical humanities, working closely with the Faculty’s Centre for Health, Humanities and Science.
  • Historians are central to the work of the Centre for Black Humanties, reflecting our particular strengths in the histories of race, migration and slavery. Bristol recently became the first UK member of Universities Studying Slavery. 
  • Bristol historians play a leading role in a number of interdisciplinary Faculty research clusters in urban humanities, global feminism, and oral history.
  • Colleagues from across a range of different research areas are brought together by an interest in public and creative histories. We are delighted to have hosted the major Creative Histories conference in 2017, and to have been involved in numerous Brigstow Institute collaborations. 

Current projects

Recent and current externally funded projects in the Department include:

Our History in Public

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