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Academic staff


NameTitleEmailFull Contact Details
Austin, Kenneth Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History Contact Kenneth Austin
Bates, Victoria Senior Lecturer in Modern History Contact Victoria Bates
Bessard, Fanny Lecturer in the History of the Islamic World Contact Fanny Bessard
Bickers, Robert Professor of History Contact Robert Bickers
Carey, Hilary Professor of Imperial and Religious History Contact Hilary Carey
Cervantes, Fernando Reader in History Contact Fernando Cervantes
Charnock, Hannah Lecturer in Modern British History Contact Hannah Charnock
Coates, Peter Professor of American and Environmental History Contact Peter Coates
Cole, Tim Professor of Social History Contact Tim Cole
Decker, Julio Lecturer in North American History Contact Julio Decker
Donkin, Lucy Lecturer in History and History of Art Contact Lucy Donkin
Dudley, Marianna Lecturer in Environmental Humanities Contact Marianna Dudley
Edwards, Amy Lecturer in Modern Bristish History Contact Amy Edwards
Flack, Andrew Teaching Fellow in Modern History Contact Andrew Flack
Freeman, James Lecturer in Digital Humanities Contact James Freeman
Hailwood, Mark Lecturer in History 1400-1700 Contact Mark Hailwood
Haines, Daniel Senior Lecturer in Environmental History Contact Daniel Haines
Hanna, Erika Senior Lecturer in Modern History Contact Erika Hanna
Hitchmough, Sam Director of Teaching Contact Sam Hitchmough
Holdenried, Anke Senior Lecturer in Medieval History Contact Anke Holdenried
Howkins, Adrian Reader in Environmental History Contact Adrian Howkins
Hutton, Ronald Professor of History Contact Ronald Hutton
Huxford, Grace Lecturer in 19/20th-Century British History  Contact Grace Huxford
Jones, Evan Senior Lecturer in Economic and Social History Contact Evan Jones
Koole, Simeon Lecturer in Liberal Arts and History Contact Simeon Koole
Lewis, Su Lin Senior Lecturer in Modern Transnational History Contact Su Lin Lewis
Livesey, Andrea Lecturer in History Contact Andrea Livesey
Lyons, John Reader in Religion and History Contact John Lyons
Mawdsley, Stephen Lecturer in Modern American History
Contact Stephen Mawdsley
McLellan, Josie Professor of History Contact Josie McLellan
Moody, Jessica Lecturer in Public History Contact Jessica Moody
Mukherjee, Sumita Senior Lecturer in Migration Contact Sumita Mukherjee
Nasar, Saima Lecturer in the History of Africa and its Diasporas Contact Saima Nasar
Passes, Tricha Teaching Fellow in History & Art History Contact Tricha Passes
Pemberton, Hugh Professor of Modern British History Contact Hugh Pemberton
Pohl, Benjamin  Senior Lecturer in Medieval History   Contact Benjamin Pohl
Pooley, Will  Lecturer in 19/20th- Century Western European History  Contact Will Pooley
Potter, Simon Professor of Modern History Contact Simon Potter
Powell, Martyn Professor of History and Head of School Contact Martyn Powell
Reeks, John Teaching Fellow in Early Modern History Contact John Reeks
Sheldon, Richard Senior Teaching Fellow in Social and Economic History Contact Richard Sheldon
Skinner, Robert Lecturer in Modern History Contact Robert Skinner
Smith, Brendan Professor of Medieval History Contact Brendan Smith
Stone, Richard Teaching Fellow in Early Modern History Contact Richard Stone
Thompson, James Reader in Modern British History Contact James Thompson
Wei, Ian Senior Lecturer in Medieval European History Contact Ian Wei

Research staff

Alford, Bernard Professor Emeritus, Senior Research Fellow
Bell, Richard Industrial Fellow
Carstairs, Jamie Project Manager/Co-ordinator
Clay, Christopher Emeritus Professor of Economic History
Condon, Margaret Research Associate
Downing, Jonathan Research Assistant
Doyle, William Professor Emeritus, Senior Research Fellow
Dresser, Madge Honorary Professor
England, Vaudine Research Associate
Fishzon, Anna Senior Research Associate
Gulliver, Mike Research Assistant in Religion and Deaf History
Haines, Elizabeth Research Associate
Hillier, Andrew Research Associate
Howe, Stephen Senior Research Fellow
Insole, Peter Research Associate
Lowe, Rodney Professor Emeritus
MacLeod, Christine Professor Emerita
Martinez Acin, Alejandro Research Associate
Middleton, Roger Emeritus Professor of the History of Political Economy
Milstone, Noah Research Associate
Painter, Susie Research Associate
Rowbotham, Sheila Senior Research Associate
Tuck, John Emeritus Professor of Medieval History
Warren, Julian Research Associate
Waterlow, Jonathan Research Associate
Whitson, Kevin Research Fellow

Part-time tutors

Aucoin, Taylor
Carr, Vikki
Celeste, Gaia
Di Meo, Grace
Feiner, Natasha
Gould, Thomas
Kong, Vivian
McKeon, Theresa
Moretti, Deborah
Nash, Owain
Pearson, Sarah
Peck, Imogen
Rojo Carrillo, Raquel
Sutcliffe, Edward
Velasco Berenguer, Gonzalo
Watts, James
Wemyss, Chris
Witcombe, Teresa
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