Bristol Institute for Migration and Mobility Studies

Moving in the past, moving in the present.

Bristol Migration Studies Institute provides a fresh approach to the study of migration through a prism of arts, humanities and social sciences.

Drawing from multidisciplinary perspectives, we look at why people move from one place to another; the social, economic and cultural consequences of migration; and, importantly, the actual experience of migration.

We are recognised as setting the agenda in migration research, particularly in the fields of colonial and postcolonial experience, ethnicity and citizenship; family migration, and the analysis of migration data.

Our institute draws together such research and teaching, reflecting the economic, social political and cultural importance of migration in the modern world and its impact upon our lives.


Sanctuary Scholarships: Enabling Access, Providing Sanctuary?

Monday 22 May 2017, 10 am – 5 pm

A one-day symposium exploring access to higher education for students from forced migrant backgrounds.

Sanctuary scholarship (Office document, 958kB)

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Collaborative working

Our work with openDemocracy's Beyond Trafficking and Slavery bring migration and mobility scholarship to bear on current debates on forced labour, trafficking and slavery. 

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Migration data workshops

The Migration, Development and Global Transformations programme brings together Worldwide Universities Network migration researchers and data experts for two workshops in 2017.

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