Language requirements

Study abroad in a foreign language

As part of a four-year degree programme

If you want to study abroad for a full year in a foreign language – and you are not studying a modern language degree – your department will generally require you to be registered on a ‘Study in Continental Europe’ degree path.  You will need to meet the following requirements:

  • have at least a GCSE or equivalent qualification in that language. Some departments require you to have at least an A-Level or equivalent qualification.
  • continue your foreign language study at Bristol during your first and second year at Bristol (through University-Wide Language Programme open units)
  • if you are a native speaker in the language of your host university, please get in contact with us

As part of a three-year degree programme*

If your department has the option to do a semester abroad and you wish to do this in a foreign language, you will need an A-level or equivalent qualification in that language (or approval from your department). You will need to arrange a language assessment as close as possible to the start of your first year. To do this, contact us.

 *Please note this option applies only to students studying in the following departments: Archaeology, Anthropology, Classics, English Literature, History of Art, History, Politics, Sociology, Religion & Theology.

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