Study abroad university places

You can apply to study abroad in English or in a modern language, for a year or semester, if you are studying an eligible degree course.

Owning departments

Each degree course at Bristol is owned by a department. Your owning department has exchange agreements with our partner universities for study abroad places.

You can only apply to universities that have an agreement with your owning department. Check your owning department.

School of Modern Language Students

Your owning department will be the language of your placement. 

Find study abroad university places

You can apply to study abroad at any university listed for your owning department.

To find out when and where you can go, filter universities by owning department, location, or language you can study in. ‚Äč

Places shown are for students going abroad in the academic year 2023/24, and may change year on year. 

University competitiveness level

Universities where you can study abroad in English are ranked low, medium or highly competitive. This is based on the number of applications we received and the number of exchange spaces available for the last academic year.

If you apply to study abroad in English, you can apply to up to 5 universities. You should include universities with a mix of different competitiveness levels as places can be limited at more competitive universities.

If you apply to study abroad in a modern language, your department allocates places. The competitiveness ranking is not applicable to you.

Apply to study abroad

Find out how to apply to: 

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