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There are many opportunities to work abroad over the summer. An international internship, organised by an internship provider could provide you with support and accommodation. Alternatively, you could learn as you work by training on the job to teach English as a foreign language.

There are two ways to work abroad for the summer: 

Please note these pages refer to information on Summer Abroad activities in 2022/2023. Information will be updated later in the year for 2023/2024. 

University of Bristol partner summer work programmes

You will be supported by the Bristol Abroad team through the process of applying. You will attend the summer programme with other students from Bristol.

For all University of Bristol partner programmes, there is funding available to help with the cost. You will be able to apply for the available funding as part of your overall application.

Attend in person

Gotoco: Work and teach abroad

Gain a teaching certificate and gain hands-on work experience teaching English at a summer camp overseas.

Open to all undergraduate students not in their final year.

Pagoda Projects: Internships abroad

Blended internships in Spain and Portugal. Spend 4 weeks working remotely and 4 weeks working in person at your host company in Spain or Portugal. You can choose from a range of career sectors.

Open to undergraduate students, not in their final year, who meet widening participation criteria.

Intern Abroad HQ: Internships abroad

Spend 4 - 6 doing a global internships in Costa Rica, Greece, Guatemala, Japan, Morocco, Peru, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania or Zanzibar. You can choose from a variety of career sectors.

Open to all undergraduate students not in their final year.

Common Purpose: internship experience in India

Spend 4 weeks in Bangalore, India gaining global work experience with other Bristol students.

Open to all undergraduate students not in their final year.

Find your own work abroad summer opportunities

You can attend any summer work programme from around the world. You will need to apply directly to the programme provider. The costs will be your responsibility but you can apply for the Global opportunities scholarship to help with the costs.

Find your own work abroad summer opportunities.

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