Eligibility requirements for studying abroad in English

To be eligible to study abroad for a year or a semester in English during the academic year 2024/25, you must either:

  • be a current second-year undergraduate student (to study abroad for a year)
  • be a current first-year undergraduate student (to study abroad for a semester)
  • meet your department's academic requirements to apply to study abroad
  • complete any steps that your academic department requires before you apply (check with your Study Abroad Academic Director)
  • be currently enrolled on one of the eligible degree courses.

If you are studying for a semester abroad only you must also: 

  • Check with your Study Abroad Academic Director if you have any mandatory units you must study while you are abroad. If so, you must find the equivalent unit(s) taught at the university abroad. You can find unit information on the university's own website. 
  • Check the study abroad period (semester abroad in teaching block 1 or teaching block 2). This can vary for departments and the university you apply for. You can find study abroad periods when you research study abroad places available.

If you are studying Law you must also: 

Academic requirements

Your department at Bristol may also have academic requirements you need to meet:

  • in your first or second year for a year abroad in your third year
  • in your first year for a semester abroad in your second year. 

Academic requirements vary by department. If you are unsure of your department's academic requirements, check with your Study Abroad Academic Director

Transferring to a course with a study abroad option

If you are currently NOT enrolled on a course with a study abroad option, you can still apply to study abroad for a year in English by following the steps below:

  1. Check the list of eligible degree programmes to see if there is a version of your degree programme listed as "with Study Abroad".
  2. Speak to your Study Abroad Academic Director about going abroad.
  3. Check with your Study Abroad Academic Director if you meet your department’s academic requirements to go abroad.
  4. Ask for a transfer request form from your school office.
  5. Submit a transfer request form by the end of the second week of Teaching Block 1 of your second year to your school office.
  6. Follow our Apply to Study Abroad in English steps.

We aim to offer you a space to study abroad if you apply. However, due to high demand and limited spaces, we cannot guarantee you a space to study abroad. If a study abroad version of your degree was available at UCAS stage, students who came to Bristol on a Study Abroad programme will have priority for spaces.

If you receive an offer and accept a space to study abroad and your transfer request has also been approved, your faculty will finalise your transfer request to the relevant study abroad degree from TB2 onwards.

You will not be able to transfer if:

  • you do not submit your transfer request to your School by the second week of Teaching Block 1 in your second year
  • your transfer request is not approved;
  • you do not meet the progression or academic requirements for the study abroad year;
  • a space to study abroad is not available.
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