Eligibility requirements for studying abroad in a modern language

Study abroad as part of a four-year degree course

To be eligible to study abroad in a modern language during the academic year 2024/25, you must be enrolled on one of the following programmes:

  • Study Abroad in a Modern Language or
  • Law and French / German / Spanish or
  • Liberal Arts with study abroad on a language pathway or
  • a degree course in the School of Modern Languages.

Study Abroad in a Modern Language students

You must also: 

  • have at least a GCSE or equivalent qualification in the modern language. Some departments require you to have at least an A-level or equivalent qualification, and
  • continue studying the modern language during your first and second year at Bristol through the University-Wide Language Programme open units. 

Native modern language speakers

If you are a native modern language speaker and wish to study abroad in that language, but you are not enrolled on the relevant degree course, contact us.

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