Global Political Economy

We support and promote research within the field of global political economy

The Global Political Economy research group in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law aims to bring together academics interested in a wide range of questions within a broadly defined field of global political economy.

The remarkable nature of the field lies in its ability, over the course of the last two decades, to act as a catalysing force in reshaping the paradigmatic boundaries of social science. Analytically addressing the transformations brought about by globalisation by way of many theoretical and methodological frameworks, GPE has underscored the need for the current disciplinary and interdisciplinary boundaries to be thoroughly transcended.

Continuing and strengthening this trajectory at the University of Bristol, the research group includes scholars in Geographical Sciences, SPAIS, Policy Studies, Law School and Department of Management, examining themes ranging from the transformations of the state and public/welfare policies, changes in property, corporate governance and commercial, international and labour law, global changes in work and employment, management and organisational transformations, and much besides.

The purpose of the group is to support and promote research into the different areas within this interdisciplinary field, wherein individuals and the group could gain visibility, improve connectedness and widen the scope of their activities, both within the University of Bristol and between Bristol and other universities. The group also represents a vehicle for developing research projects, applying for funding, and maintaining a vibrant research culture through the organisation of workshops, seminars, and special events.

The group’s work also ties into the research strategy of the Faculty in the area of postgraduate training. The South West Doctoral Training Partnership interdisciplinary pathway in Global Political Economy draws on the work of colleagues in the group, while PhD applicants and students pursuing their studies under the ESRC scheme (both in Bristol and within the wider SWDTP consortium) find the group their natural home. In addition to attracting doctoral researchers, there are opportunities for group member post-graduates to engage in international exchanges and collaborations with other universities with whom members have working relationships, contributing to a vibrant research culture within the cluster, and a more prominent intellectual footprint in both the Faculty and the University.

Looking to join us?

We welcome staff and postgraduate students from across the faculty. 

If you are interested in joining our group, then please email the group leader below with details of your relevant research interests:

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