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Prospective students, contact the relevant team:

Undergraduate enquiries

Postgraduate enquiries

Current students

Academic transcripts and official documents

You can request a transcript or letter (student status, council tax) online

General enquiries

If you have questions about fees, registration or a change in details (e.g. name change), email or telephone the Faculty Education Team: 

Please use +44 117 45 50969 to contact the Faculty Education Team by telephone.

If you have any other questions, contact your School Education Team:

In-person enquiries 

You can come in to speak to the Faculty Education Team, Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm.

Find an academic member of staff

Find our academics' contact details on our academic staff list.

Other Faculty contacts

Faculty Executive Team

Email the Faculty Executive Team for general enquiries, and to arrange meetings with:

  • Faculty PVC, Professor Esther Dermott
  • Associate Dean, Professor Melissa Allen
  • Dean, Professor Martyn Powell 
  • Director of Faculty Operations, Michelle Coupland 
  • Faculty Operations Manager, Dominic Freda

Faculty Officers and Faculty Teams

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