Digital Societies

Exploring the challenges and opportunities of digital society

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We welcome staff and postgraduate students from across the Faculty and those beyond.

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The Digital Societies research group is working to build strong, sustainable, critical and actionable research on how digital technologies are changing society: now, and in the future.

The Group

We bring together researchers from across the Faculty of Social Sciences and Law (economics, education, geography, political science, law, management, social policy, sociology) and work closely with researchers from other Faculties, including Science, Engineering and Humanities.  

Our Motivation

Ours is an era of profound digital transformation. Increasingly interconnected digital devices and the data and business models that they generate are becoming entangled with every aspect of social life. This is only set to continue, as machine learning, artificial intelligence, surveillance capitalism, robotics and quantum computing gather pace. We aim to use our social science expertise and methods to analyse and understand these futures in the making and use our insights to help shape these futures in a way that is fair, just and prosperous for all.    

Working with Partners outside the University

We collaborate with partners in the local community, local and national government, the third sector, SMEs and industry. We are actively seeking to build further links with all others working towards inclusive and equitable futures. Please contact us!


News and events

Visit our website to find out more about our activities and research and to read our blog.

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