Smart Networks for Sustainable Futures

We aim to form a resilient, adaptable and emergent system of connections

Smart Networks for Sustainable Futures represents a broad spectrum of academics developing a shared research purpose, learning together and making informed interventions to drive some material improvement in a series of identified thematic areas.

This research group serves as a cross-disiplinary community that attempts to tackle important challenges, utilising knowledge and resources coming from:

  • management
  • economics
  • accounting
  • finance
  • marketing
  • law
  • engineering. 

It will also involve the University's Public Engagement Team to link the group's outputs with big ongoing initiatives and the external environment; in a specific or global setting, the city of Bristol, as well as markets, public authorities and global issues, to ultimately achieve great social impact.

Overall, smart networking will be our way and mindset to conduct activities and at the same the main research content driver in our efforts to produce research and formulate solutions that make a difference.  

Our group's philosophy moto is: "Not argumentative, but more collaborative.  Use the power of networks (physical, digital information and technical) to fight silo-ed practices and solve systems holistically."

Looking to join us?

We welcome staff and postgraduate research students from across the Faculty and the wider University. 

If you are interested in joining our group, then please email the group leader below with details of your relevant research interests:

Group members

Find out more about our group members and their research interests.

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