Perspectives on Work

We investigate and analyse work and its governance

The Faculty Research Group for Perspectives on Work supports the interdisciplinary investigation and analysis of work and its governance by locating it within the specific context of contemporary capitalism and its social relations.

The group is organised around three themes under the broad banner of 'Perspectives on Work,' which encapulates the attempt to bring theory and practice together.  The three themes are:

(1) Boundaries of Work, (2) Mobilities of Work and (3) Transformations of Work.

  • Boundaries of Work looks at how what counts as work and who counts as a worker constructs and is constructed by prevailing social, class and gendered relations and how the borders between work, labour and leisure are permeable and contested in theory, law and practice.
  • Mobilities of Work looks at how our world is shaped by the asymmetrical mobility rights of labour and capital, whereby capital moves and those who have capital are also highly mobile, and, in contrast, the movement of labour, particularly low waged labour is obstructed or rendered disposable.
  • Transformation of Work looks at how, for example, the impact of technology on the future of work appears inexorable, but is structured by organisational imperatives and social relations; how technology's differential impacts will be felt across global society; and alternative ways of organising work and economic life.

Looking to join us?

We welcome staff and postgraduate students from across the Faculty and the wider University. 

If you are interested in joining our group, then please email the group's co-leads below with details of your relevant research interests:

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