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Miscellaneous Payments to Students by BACS

6 February 2018

In addition to the payments that are made by the Student Funding Office to students who are in receipt of a bursary or scholarship, payments are often made to students for a variety of reasons including reimbursement of expenses or small prizes.

The University has been paying bursaries and scholarships to students via BACS since 2006 but these smaller payments have continued to be paid by cheque in most cases. Feedback received from students indicates that this is a cause of frustration; students cannot understand why they have received a cheque when they have entered their bank details for receipt of other funding.

The production of cheques also creates other issues for the institution and the student:

  • Students have to collect the cheque or be sent it in the post.
  • The cheque needs to taken to a branch to be paid into a bank.
  • The payment is delayed whilst it is going through the bank’s clearing process.
  • A disproportionately high number of cheques are lost.
  • The cost of administration is much higher.

Therefore in order to improve the student experience and improve administrative efficiency, staff are encouraged to use SITS/SAM to make miscellaneous payments to students. This is an established process that uses eVision (online version of SITS) to capture the data entry and communicate the payment information to the student. 

The following guidance will assist staff with this process: Student Expenses Guide

This process is supported by Finance Services.

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