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Sanctuary Scholarship - Open for 2017 Entry

30 May 2017

Apply by 22 June for 2017 Entry

The University of Bristol Sanctuary Scholarship is now open for applications for 2017 entry. Further details, terms & conditions and the application form can be found here:
Full applications (i.e. the application form plus all supporting documentation and reference) must be submitted to the Student Funding Office by 22 June 2017. Any incomplete applications will not be considered.
The Scholarship is open to the full spectrum of forced migrant immigration statuses (i.e. asylum seekers, refugees, those granted Humanitarian Protection, and those granted Limited Leave to Remain, as well as the dependents of any of these status groups). However applications for postgraduate doctoral study (e.g. PhD) cannot be accepted for 2017 entry.
Student Funding Office, May 2017.