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Beware of phishing scams

19 September 2017

At this time of year, we would like to remind students to be especially vigilant of phishing scams and fraud in general.

Please be very wary of emails that look like they have been sent by the University or the Student Loans Company, but which have spelling mistakes and poor grammar. Such emails will often inform you that the organisation is updating its systems or security measures and invite you to log in and provide some details about yourself.

You should also be suspicious of any emails that start Dear Student or Dear Sir/Madam as the University will almost always address you by name, and include your student number, when sending correspondence.

Entering your payment details

The University does contact students, who are in receipt of a bursary or a scholarship, to request bank details so that we can make payments to you. However, we will not ask you to confirm your date of birth or change your password when we request these details. We always collect students’ payment details via the secure MyBristol portal login. 

Be wary of clicking on links that are included in the emails you receive. Scammers will often redirect you to fake websites so it is important to check that the link takes you to a University of Bristol website. Hover over the link to check that the destination of the link is not different from what is written in the email. University of Bristol websites will always include or in the address. 

If in doubt, please contact the University’s Student Funding Office or the Income Office to verify the authenticity of the email or website before entering your details.

Student Funding Office
Academic Registry
University of Bristol

Further information

For further details, please read the following information pages: