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Take your Happiness Pulse

5 May 2016

Your wellbeing is important to how you feel and function as a student, and in the rest of your life. The University's Student Services are launching the Happiness Pulse to help you learn about what makes you happy and how we can make your University a happier place. It will ask you questions, give you scores and help you explore how to make any changes. 

The Happiness Pulse is a project set up by Happy City, a charity and community interest company in Bristol.

Their aim is to change the way we view our world and our place in it. To move away from the focus on a constant drive for economic growth and to place more value on areas that are not linked to money, such as, spending time with friends and family, enjoying new experiences, feeling part of a community.  Ultimately they aim to support individuals, communities and decision makers to put the happiness of people, place and the planet at the heart of decision making.


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