Responsible Innovation Challenge

Responsible Innovation is a cornerstone of the CDT and is embedded at every stage of the students' PhD. Our annual Responsible Innovation Challenges give students the opportunity to take their learning from the taught first year and put it into practice in a real-world scenario.

We run a 3-day annual RI Challenge in which students work in teams with mentors and an external partner to address a data-related challenge in an area of innovation for their external partner. Students are required to participate in a minimum of two Challenges during their time with the CDT.

Each year’s Challenge has a different focus but the common elements are:

  • students work in inter-disciplinary cross-cohort teams
  • students work with external partners
  • students are focused for three days on developing a response to a digital, ethical challenge which they have identified from a scenario presented by their partner

Every year we challenge students to work with an external organisation on a TIPS issue related to a recent, current or future innovation within that organisation. The students draw on their training in the programme to help frame, analyse and address the issue over an intense three days, presenting their analysis and recommendations at the end. The students are required to participate in two challenges during their PhD programme. They work in small interdisciplinary groups with mentors, developing transferable skills such as engaging and communicating with stakeholders, whilst bringing their training in responsible innovation and their own expertise and experiences to bear on the issue at stake.

Richard Owen, CDT co-lead on Responsible Innovation and co-creation
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