Programme details

This is a 4-year programme with an at-scale, interdisciplinary and user-informed focus on all training throughout the four years.

We launch the programme with an introductory Induction Residential Week involving talks and deep dives delivered by leading academics and industry figures. 

Our specially designed taught first year is delivered through teaching, masterclasses, placements and guided self-study including peer-supported learning and group work.  Taught modules include:

  • Fundamentals of TIPS-at-Scale
  • Empirical Research Methods for TIPS-at-Scale
  • Threats and Risks for TIPS-at Scale
  • Responsible Innovation
  • Resilient Socio-technical Infrastructures
  • Masterclasses
  • Industrial and Research Placements 

In Years 2 to 4 , you will conduct world leading research  under the guidance a supervisor from our college of supervisors based either at the University of Bristol or at the University of Bath.  You will continue to  attend enhanced training opportunities and therefore  further develop a wider learning base. 

  • Inter-disciplinary research projects  validated via real-world testbeds and in-the-wild deployments
  • Cross cohort (across years) programme of master classes, seminars and summer schools
  • One internship per year in industry or international research centre
  • Responsible innovation challenges in collaboration with Bath Innovation Centre and EngineShed
  • Impact fellowships for  working with professionals in-situ


Diagram of Programme structure

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