Automated unrestricted multigene recombineering

The Berger Group has developed ACEMBL, a new platform technology concept for robot-assisted high-throughput multigene assembly by a technology called tandem recombineering (TR) and established the world-wide first fully automated pipeline for producing complex multiprotein specimens. In two independent professional IP searches, full freedom-to-operate (FTO) has been ascertained for this platform. The ACEMBL pipeline was designed to support the MultiMam, MultiColi and the upgraded (2010 onward) MultiBac systems.

The logic of the ACEMBL platform for high quality biologics production is shown schematically. All processes involved in assembling combinatorial multigene expression circuits from synthetic gene regulatory elements, encoding DNAs and custom designed DNA carrier molecules have been successfully converted into robotics scripts and implemented on a liquid-handling work-station at the EMBL.

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