Research Data Storage Facility

The University Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF) is available to researchers from all disciplines, to store their research data securely over the long term.

The RDSF (Research Data Storage Facility) is designed for medium to long-term storage. It is not designed for performance.
The RDSF is a set of disks and servers housed in two separate data centres, with regular back ups to tape storage both on and off site. 
We ask that you do not run applications that access the RDSF filesystems. You can access your RDSF data from Windows, Mac or Linux.
The ACRC's  HPC (High Performance Computing) systems also include the ability to keep your research data while it is needed for computation, but this is not backed up and so we recommend you use the RDSF to keep a secure copy of research data which you cannot easily recreate. 
For information about other filestores options at the University please see the main IT services pages about all the University filestores available to researchers.





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