We have three different types of resilient in house central storage. In addition, we have Google Drive and One Drive (for Business) which provide convenient cloud based storage.

We hope that the storage options outlined below cover most eventualities, but if you have any data which does not fit into these services then please contact the IT Service Desk.

We recommend that all staff complete the Digital Information Management Tutorial - InfoSafe.


MyFiles (storing your documents)

Providing storage for individual admin and work related data that doesn’t need to be shared amongst others. There is a quota on individual storage making it unsuitable for storing research data. This is a fully documented service which is automatically available to all staff and students.

Students are encouraged to use the Microsoft OneDrive for Business filestore as this offers enhanced accessibility when away from the University.


Departmental Filestore (sharing internally)

Meant for collaborative admin and work related files where access is needed by multiple people or work areas. This service is for all non-research data within the University. This is a free service that can be requested for departments/schools or faculties.

Departmental Filestore

Research Data Storage Facility (RDSF)

Storage:For research data only and is meant for long term research data storage and access of up to 20 years.

Sharing:The facility has an associated mechanism for the publication of research data via the University Research Data Repository (, both as 'open' or 'controlled' data.

Access:Project PIs need to apply and are then responsible for registering a project and requesting access for individual members.

Research Data Storage Facility(RDSF)

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive for Business allows staff and students to upload and store files and access them from anywhere. You are provided with unlimited storage, but there are limits on individual file sizes. The storage should be used for your own admin and work related data that doesn't need to be shared amongst others. It is also available for transient research data. This is an alternative storage solution to the MyFiles service. You can sign into your OneDrive account to enable saving in Office applications; this allows you to edit and view and share documentation across your devices.

Microsoft Office 365

Google Drive (cloud storage for collaboration)

Staff and students can use Google Drive to upload and store any file type and then access them from anywhere. Google Drive is good for the quick creation of documents and to collaborate in real time with colleagues. You can share with people inside and outside the University and have the ability to share large files.

Please note that Google Drive will be replaced in the future by Microsoft OneDrive as part of the Digital Workspace Programme.

Google Drive